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The Rabbit Control Company

Tree damage caused by rabbits

The Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is arguably “Public Enemy No. 1” for farmers and landowners.

Brought to the UK by the Romans, the rabbit is one of nature’s true survivors.  Even the outbreak of myxomatosis in the early 1950s, when 99% of the UK rabbit population was destroyed within 12 months, could not entirely eradicate this robust and destructive mammal.

Today, in many areas the rabbit population is back to pre-myxomatosis levels, and landowners will be carrying the burden of the rabbit’s damage to crops and trees, not to mention the subsidence caused by rabbit burrowing.

In most parts of England and Wales every occupier of land is responsible for controlling wild rabbits and for taking steps to prevent them causing damage.

Introducing the ferret to drive out rabbits

If you have rabbit problems, you don’t need us to tell you how bad they can be, but


Our Rabbit Control Service has been established and operational since 1981.  We do not use poisons or gas, but instead use environmentally friendly methods to ensure that the rabbits cease to be a problem to you.  Among other methodologies we use ferrets to bolt rabbits from their underground warrens, and the rabbits are then humanely dispatched, with the carcasses being used for animal and human feed.

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Rabbit problems on this site

Prior to beginning rabbit control operations, we carry out a full site evaluation, and present potential clients with a comprehensive, in-depth report on the problems, our recommended solutions, and the full cost implications.

With many years of practical experience, combined with an indisputably scientific approach, we offer our clients a truly professional service.

We are particularly proud of the rabbit management services we can supply for heritage sites, where rabbits can – quite literally – wipe out history if left to their own devices.

We have established standard operating procedures which meet and exceed all H&S considerations, and our operatives are trained in all aspects of their work.  We are fully licensed and insured, and offer a bespoke, professional and discrete service.