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Basic Ferreting Course


This one or two day course covers all aspects of modern ferreting (see 'contents' for full details).

The two day course allows students to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge with the second day consisting almost entirely of ferreting activities.

Attendees will receive a National Ferret School Certificate of Competence.

Who is this course for?

Anyone wanting an introduction to the sport of ferreting.

Course Contents:

  • The principles of ferreting with a brief discussion on the different methods used
  • Nets
    • Purse nets
    • Stop nets
    • Long nets
    • Gate nets
    • Poke nets
    • Trammel nets
    • Colours of nets
    • Materials for nets
    • Setting nets
  • Bolt traps
  • Using the Deben ferret finder
  • Legal considerations
  • Code of practice
  • Ferreting for rabbits
  • Dispatching rabbits
  • Skinning and gutting
  • FSA rules and regulations
Deben Ferret Finder

Course Details

Maximum number of participants per course: 4

Venue: The National Ferret School, Ashover, Derbyshire

Costs: £150 per person per day (under 16s £99 but must be accompanied by a fee-paying adult), including refreshments (not lunches) and certificate. Fees are due on date of booking. 

Venue: The National Ferret School Ashover Derbyshire

Duration: 2 Days


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Cancellations can only be accepted on receipt of written instruction and are effective from the date received by the School.  Charges will be applied as below:

More than 30 working days prior to course - 50% of course fee.

30 or fewer working days prior to course - 100% of course fee.